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Consumer Economics
Test Warm Ups
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Unit 2 Test Warm Up 3


1.                If you are filing your taxes jointly with your spouse and you have one child, who is responsible for the information on the tax form?  Who must sign the form?


2.                Which of the following is allowed as an itemized tax deduction?

          Sales tax on the purchase of your car

          Interest paid on car loan

          Oil change on your car

          Tax on purchase of license plate for your car


3.                What is the total amount of commission that will have to be paid by the buyer if the commission is 2% … 100 shares at 30?


4.                If the rate of return is the amount earned divided by the original investment, what is your rate of return if you earned $100 on a $1000 investment?


5.                By saving money in your piggy bank you run the risk of someone stealing your money.  Which type of risk would this be?



Unit 2 Test Warm Up

True or False

1.     Preferred stock holders receive their dividends before common share stockholders


2.     Yield can be defined as the percent of return on your investment.


3.     All stocks pay dividends.


4.     Owning stock in a company means that you are an owner in the company


Short Answer

5.     A portion of a companies profits distributed to a stockholder on the basis of their ownership of a share of stock in the corporation is called



Unit 2 test warm up

True or False

Municipal governments can issue bonds.


Mutual Funds shares usually fluctuate up and down slowly.


Passbook savings accounts have less liquidity than CD’s and Money Markets.



Diversifying your portfolio helps you survive weak markets.  What is the term for a market that is doing very poorly ?

Bear             Bull              Cat              Cow





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