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U.S. Government

Unit 3 Overview

U.S. Government Course Overview
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
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Unit 5
Local Government Participation Project
Final Exam Review

Unit 3 overview due in notebooks on day of unit 3 test

U.S. Government

Unit III


Political Parties and Voter Behavior: chapters 5-7

Weeks 7-8

Focus Questions


  1. What positions are a part of the political spectrum and what are the beliefs associated with each?


  1. What are the two major political parties and what is their function in government?


  1. How do the positions of the two major political parties compare when considering major issues?


  1. Describe the election process



A.                                           B.                                            C.

Political Party                          registration                     general elections

Party Platform                          literacy                          nomination

Plank                                       poll tax                         direct primary

Coalition                                 Gerrymandering             closed primary

Two-party system                   Voting Rights Act 1965  open primary

Minor parties                          Civil Rights Act 1964     presidential Primary

Plurality                                   party identification         precinct

Electorate                               straight-ticket voting       Political Action Com.

Lobbyist                                 split ticket voting            contribution lim.p177

Democratic Party                     independents                           

Republican Party                      Non-Affiliated



Activities                                                                                Readings

Creating a political party                                                    p   129-131

Creating a party platform and speech                                           pp 144-151

Comparing Democratic and Republican platforms                      pp 173-179                      

1964 literacy test                                                                  

p. 152 “Dangers of voter apathy”

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