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Consumer Economics
Career Research Project
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Career Research Project


Purpose         To explore one specific career in depth and report your findings to the class. 

                        To gain and utilize research skills in order to make informed decisions on career planning.


Directions     You will choose a media form in which to convey the following information about the career you are exploring.  It should be visually interesting and informative (It could be placed in a high school counseling office, college career center, or presented at a career fair).  This is meant to inform and educate the public about various career options and be worded to encourage people to seriously consider the career you are illustrating.


Possible Media Formats

                        Poster, 3-fold brochure, PowerPoint, Video, Web page, Option of your choice not mentioned



o       Career name

o       Nature of the work (Brief job description of this occupation)

o       Working conditions (Where do people work in this occupation? Are there physical demands for this job?)

o       Occupational outlook (What will be the demand for this occupation in the next 5 years? Availability of jobs)

o       Personal qualities necessary

o       Education/training necessary and special requirements needed to enter this career (Do you need a license? College?)

o       Benefits and advantages of this career

o       Disadvantages of this career

o       Earning potential (salary ranges: beginning, average, top)

o       Hours (time involved on job, amount of travel…)

o       Related occupations (Describe two other occupations that are similar to this one that you could also pursue)

o       Names of professional associations representing this occupation (Enter names of and addresses e-mail or physical)

o       References and sources used

o       Other pertinent information




Career Project Rubric



90 to 100

80 to 89

70 to 79

0 to 69


Information is complete and factual

Info. is complete and factual

Info. is limited, but factual

Little or no factual info.


The product is attractive and appealing, professional in appearance

Attractive product and appealing with limited mistakes

Attractive but not appealing

Visually incomplete not colored, difficult to understand


Info. Is organized and presented in an organized way

Info. is organized missing no more than one item

Info. is confusing in some sections and missing no more than two items

Disorganized and confusing missing three or more items


Free of spelling and grammar errors.  Word choice is at grade level requirement for the career

Limited grammar and spelling errors.  Word choice is

At or just below grade level

Grammar and spelling errors, five or more, word choice is questionable on appropriateness for grade level

Excessive, 10 or more, grammar or spelling mistakes




You will present your career media product to the class in a five-minute speech.  This will allow you the opportunity to provide additional information needed to clarify your product message.


Verbal communication

o        Clearly outline the career for which you researched make it clear and simple

o        Explain the basic career information you feel to be the most important

o        Speak loud and clear


Non verbal communication

o        Make eye contact

o        Commanding presence: proper posture, body position, and proximity



100 points/ test grade