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Consumer Economics
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Course Information: Mr. Duensing


E-mail:            Website: Under construction

Office: Room 211     Office Phone/Voice:  328-6471

Office Hours:  Monday- Friday 8:45-9:30, 12:15-1:10


Welcome to Economics.  This class is designed to provide students with insight into the American free enterprise system and practical application of key concepts. The course includes investment strategies, trade, exchange and interdependence, banking services, insurance, and consumer credit. Students will be encouraged to utilize the computer laboratory facilities and will be provided a variety of opportunities to learn about economics through case studies and simulations.  My goal is that students leave this course equipped with a working knowledge of personal finance and economic survival a independent citizens.


Thematic Units of Study:

q       Unit I:            The Economic Way of Thinking

q       Unit II:            Economic Systems

q       Unit III: Supply and demand and business

q       Unit IV:            Investment Strategies, personal finance

q       Unit V:            Role of Government

q       Unit VI:            Trade, Exchange, and Interdependence                     


Materials and Supplies

q       3 section spiral notebook dedicated to this class only

q       Pencils and pens


Grading Average Points Per Assignment

q       Daily work/Homework:                                                 25                     points

q       Quizzes:              (4-6)                                          50                     points

q       Tests:                      (4)                                            100                  points  

q       Stock Market Portfolio                              100             points

q       Business Simulation Portfolio                  100             points

q       Personal Budgeting Simulation               100             points

q       Semester Exam                                                    200                   points

q       Estimated Total Points                                       1300-2000             points


Late/Make Up Work

q       You are given the same amount of time missed in class for an excused absence to make that work up except for long term projects or papers.

q       If working in teams, the excused absence will not give the team extra time to complete the required work.

q       Late work will be penalized half credit and will not be accepted after 2 days.


Read the above classroom guidelines.  Sign and detach this portion to return to the teacher.  This is the first assignment of the quarter.  This is worth 25 points.  If you have questions e-mail or call me at the numbers listed above.


Student Name:        _____________________________________


Student Signature:_____________________________________    Date:__________________


Parent Signature:_______________________________________                Date:__________________

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