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Consumer Economics
The American Dream
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Your American Dream


Organize ideas of your American Dream:  write these into complete paragraphs.  Do not worry about introductory or concluding paragraphs. 


Due:  The next day of class typed and double spaced

First and Last name in the upper right hand corner with class period number and date

Mr. Duensing

Period  1



I.                   Define your American dream including goals to get there


II.                What are your steps to getting there?

(Education and training needed, choices needed to make)


III.     What do you foresee as possible obstacles?


IV.           What are the tradeoffs?  What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this dream?  What will you not sacrifice? (Freedom, Independence, personal identity)


V.              Where on this road will you be in ten years?  Describe your life at this time?


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