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U.S. Government
Local Government Participation Project
U.S. Government Course Overview
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Local Government Participation Project
Final Exam Review

Government Course Civic Action Project


To better understand the role of government in your lives you are asked to attend a  government meeting or session.   You will observe then write a short summary and analysis of either a State, City, County or school board level meeting.  This summary will be a minimum of three paragraphs.  You will give a speech to the class of a minimum of 2 minutes informing the class of your impressions of the meeting including the structure, content, and citizen involvement.   Information about meetings and sessions is available by using the links below.  The written portion of the project is due Friday May 13, 2005 and is worth 150 points, 100 points for the typed paper and 50 points for the speech.  Speeches will begin Monday May 16, 2005.  Students who finish early may turn in their paper and give their speech at pre-arranged times.


ANY of the following meetings are acceptable


School District 11 School Board Meeting

All meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room at the Administration Building, 1115 North El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Dates for regular meetings:

Wed. August 25, Sept. 8, Sept. 22, every other Wed. throughout the semester


City council, utilities board, or any other advisory board listed at   Meetings 1st Thur. after 1st Tue. of the Month

City council meetings are televised – 2 sessions must be reported on if this option is chosen.


County commissioners meeting or any other meetings listed


State of Colorado web site

Attend a session of state senate or house

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