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U.S. Government

Unit 2: Informal Amendments

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Fall 2004

Constitution Notes

Informal Amendments


Informal Amendment:  Changes to the Constitution that do not lead to changes in the                                                 written document.  The Constitution has grown and changed                                                     more this way than any other.


Five methods to informally amend the Constitution

1.      Basic Legislation       

a.       Details were added by Congresses

b.      Ways it interprets the Constitution and carries out its duties

2.      Executive Actions

a.       Presidential use of “Necessary and Expedient Clause”

b.      Executive Agreement

3.      Supreme Court Decisions

a.      Marbury v. Madison

4.      Political Parties

a.       Nomination process

b.      Election process

5.      Custom

a.       Cabinet

b.      2 terms per President

c.       Presidential succession



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