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U.S. Government
U.S. Government Course Overview
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Local Government Participation Project
Final Exam Review

Tuesday Jan. 10, 2006

          Introductions through attendance

  1. I will list 6 things about myself, pick two that are lies
    1. Coached football in Texas
    2. Worked in Hollywood in special effects before I became a teacher
    3. Earned my doctorate in August so you may call me Dr. Duensing
    4. Olympic training team for team handball
    5. Am a huge Red Wings fan
    6. I am a world class skier
  2. Pick 3 things about yourself one of which is a lie
  3. Two circles are formed one within the other meet someone new giving your three items they guess the lie
  4. Share some with the class
  5. Class outline  return it by Friday signed 25 points, Monday 20 points
  6. Warm up: Political cartoon

Wed. Jan. 11, 2006

1. Begin in the computer lab view documents

  1. Seating Chart is assigned
  2. Collect classroom guidelines
  3. Warm up #1 Political Awareness Political Cartoons.  What is the illustrator’s point? 
  1. Mission Statement and goals
  2. K-W-L the course/ Concept Web
  3. Semester Pr-Test

Thursday Jan. 12, 2006

1. Go to Library to pick up textbook

2. KWL the semester

3. Semester pre-test


Friday Jan. 13, 2006

Friday January 13, 2006

  1. Collect requirement sheets.
  2. Finish test and go over the test
  3. Show 10 minute clip from PBS on voting rights
  4. Debrief simulation
  5. Hand out vocabulary due Wed.