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U.S. Government
Unit 2 Lessons
U.S. Government Course Overview
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Local Government Participation Project
Final Exam Review

Sept. 26, 2005

  1. Warm up #1 Conflicts we see today local, state, or national levels.  List the opposing sides and then suggest a compromise that might resolve the situation. ie. Funding 87 Billion to rebuilding Iraq.
  2. In notes, read pp.50-54 and complete a variation of t-notes on reading headings  answering questions 2,3,4,6,7 in right hand column of notes.
  3. Venn diagram for notes on the three plans


Tuesday September 27, 2005


  1. Warm Up: Unit 2 # 2    Categorize the following

Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Connecticut Plan, Bi-cameral, Small States, Large States, equal representation in congress, representation based on population, The Great Compromise,

  1. Go over answers for 2,3,4,6,7 from yesterday in notes
  2. Read 56-58 defining federalist anti-federalist and The federalist discuss questions 3 and 4



Wed. Sept 28, 2005

  1. pp.56-59 warm up#3 what were the arguments against ratification. List the anti-federalist argument for not ratifying the Constitution.


Thurs. Sept. 29, 2005

  1. View the constitutional convention video from History Channel.  Notes stay in notebook.
  2. I’m at Economic meeting


Friday Sept. 30, 2005

  1. Quiz over this week
  2. Discuss The Federalist Papers quotes and comments.   Focus on the ideas set out by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay in their letters that highlight the importance of ratifying the Constitution.


Monday Oct. 3, 2005

  1. Students present their preamble art assignment
  2. Go over quiz from Friday.


Tuesday Oct. 4, 2005

  1. Complete Preamble presentations
  2. Complete the Federalist Papers packet  (15 minutes)
  3. Discuss the 100 word assignment having students complete it in their notebook.
  4. “We the People”   
  5. Read Pages 65-70 defining the six principles of the Constitution, drawing a visual for each.
  6. Check understanding by playing the 6 principles of government game.  Have six people hold up the signs of each and then hand out the characteristics of each.  Give each student one to look up in the book.  First place gets 5 points, second gets 3 and third gets 1.  Rounds 1-3 are practice and may talk, rounds 4-5 no talking and counts.  The winning team gets candy.

To rule is easy, to govern difficult.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Wed. Oct. 5, 2005

  1. Warm up 6 principles of the Constitution
  2. Principles game

Thursday Oct. 6, 2005

  1. Warm up on Checks and Balances giving examples of which branch can check in certain circumstances
  2. 6 Principles game

Friday Oct. 7, 2005

1. preamble review

2. collect federalist paper in 100 words

3. Go to Auto Show


Monday Oct. 10, 2005

1. First amendment warm up on Tinker v. Des Moines and Bethel v. Fraser

2. Constitution outline


Tuesday Oct. 11, 2005

1. Warm up # 5 Gideon Wainwright and the 6th Amendment

    Exclusionary Rule and the 4th Amendment 

2. Complete Constitution Outline

3. Collect outlines tomorrow with notebook and test.


Wednesday Oct. 12, 2005

  1. Test on quarter
  2. Complete Constitution outline

 Thursday Oct. 13, 2005

1. Go over and collect contitution packet

2. go over constitution scramble rules

3. Preamble due tomorrow


Friday Oct. 14, 2005

  1. Preamble memorized, due
  2. Constitution scramble played.

Monday Oct. 15, 2005

1. Warm up on Bill of Rights

2. Notes over implied and expressed amendments

3. hand out bill of rights project due Monday Oct. 31


Monday Oct. 17, 2005

  1. Complete constitution scramble
  2. Overhead of Bill of Rights cartoon
  3. Notes compelling state interest
  4. Hand out project partner up and come up with a question you will answer

Tuesday Oct. 18, 2005

Students are introduced to the Bill of Rights Research paper and Project


Wednesday-Friday Oct. 19-21

Computer lab/ Library for research on this project

Thesis Due Monday

Notes and Bibliography Due Tuesday


Monday Oct 24, 2005

1. Research in lab and turn in Thesis


Tuesday Oct. 25, 2005

1. Warm Up #6  Which of the two scenarios do you think are protected by the first amendment freedom of speech/expression?

2. View 5 minute video clip on freedom of expression

3. handout worksheet: Freedom of speech, the press, assembly and petition

4. Complete answers and add to notebook for discussion tomorrow


Wed.Oct. 26, 2005

  1. Library for research 


Oct. 31

  1. Presentations

Nov. 1, 2005

  1. Presentations
  2. Notes

Nov. 2, 2005

  1. discuss election
  2. Presentations

Nov. 3, 2005



Friday Nov. 4, 2005

1. Complete Presentations

2. Warm Up: pp. 65-67 list the five ways of informally amending the Constitution

3. Complete notes


Monday Nov. 7, 2005

1. Bill of Rights Quiz

2. Complete notes on constitution


Tuesday Nov. 8, 2005

1. Constitution Test